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Several times per year we get a group of friends together and travel to a couple of the well known race tracks in the Southeast for organized driving instruction/racing events. We push our bimmers to their limits on the track (ahem...and sometimes too far). We have had a lot of fun, met many new friends and car enthusiasts, and learned a lot in the process. The photos below were taken at these events. Enjoy and thank you for viewing our gallery.

- Sam Crist

Roebling Road 2005
2005 was the first year we decided to get a group together to go test our driving knowledge and learn from some of the best. Roebling is a great track, especially for smaller, more agile cars, so being a BMW E30 owner, I had a blast, as did everyone. There were some really interesting builds there, especially the classics.

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Sam's Automotive - Roebling Road Driving School 2005
Daytona International Speedway 2007
In 2007 we decided to get a group together for another first - Daytona International Speedway. It was exciting to have the opportunity to test our driving skils at one of the most well-known race tracks in the country. Flying aound the bank at 120 plus mph was a thrill. Everyone had a great time - I know I did.

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Sam's Automotive - Datona Raceway Driving School 2007
Daytona International Speedway 2008
2008 was the second year we decided to get a group together and head off to Daytona International Raceway for some racing instruction. Having learned the track the previous year, I pushed myself and my E30 M3 as hard as I could. Again, we all had a blast, improved our driving skills, and made some new friends in the process.

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Sam's Automotive - Daytona Raceway Driving School 2008
BMW Wholesale Partners Driving Event 2009
The 2009 BMW Wholesale Partners Driving Event was a truely unique experience for me. We were invited by BMW to visit the manufacturing plant in Greer, South Carolina and track test many of the new models. I saw many of the BMW vehicles that made history. BMW gave us the full treatment, and the weekend was much appreciated by all.

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Sam's Automotive - BMW Wholesale Partners Driving Event 2009